A GREAT day in history

This day 71 years ago a beautiful and wonderful thing happened. A baby girl was born in Webb City Missouri to Harlan and Evelyn Cole. A baby girl who would grow in grace and beauty. She would become one of the greatest people to ever walk this earth. This woman, this mother, this grandmother, this great-grand mother is Deanna Rose M. I am one of the few fortunate enough to call her 'Mom.'
Not many women are as beautiful as her. She shines with kindness and love. She has tremendous patience, unconditional love, and her generosity abounds. She is a rare treasure indeed.
My mom married and had her first child at the age of 14...FOURTEEN?!?!?! Only a child herself, she then went on to have 5 more children and has been married for 55+ years. She gave all her children a great life. Though we were poor at many times through our history, we never knew want. We always had what we needed. Clothing, food, a clean home and above all a loving mother. Even as her adult children made bad choices she always supported them (us). She was always there to encourage and love.
This precious woman is also the one who planted the seeds of faith within me. It's because of her I could see Jesus and then ask him into my heart and to own my life. She laid the foundation, she prepared the soil for HIS grace and mercy to come and grow. It’s because of her I came to know Jesus as my savior and I am eternally grateful.
I have asked God to give me many more years with this woman and I know he will grant that. So thank you God for her. Thank you chose me and my 5 siblings to have such a precious gift. A mom so loving, so generous, so gentle, so patient, and so spiritual.
You are so beautiful inside and out and perfect for us! I know for a fact every single one of your children, grand children and great-grand children adore you and are thankful for you. Those born of your womb and those born of your heart.
Thank you Harlan and Evelyn Cole for bringing this perfect woman into this imperfect world.



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