No big deal

So, I did finally find out what the 'call' was about and it wasn't that big of deal. Something a 'loving' family member accused me of years ago and decided to resurrect it when I started fostering. The state didn't take it too seriously but had to follow up on it. I explained everything and they were satisfied. I won't go into details, just know I am ok and even more important...the kiddos are ok. All is well. The 'dark one' tried to stop what God set into motion but it didn't work. God was victorious duh! Of course He was! He IS the Alpha and the Omega...the creator, the savior, the everlasting Almighty God!
I am glad though that little bump in the road is done...for now! The liers and the backstabbers REALLY need to move on and get a life!


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