Blogging for Dummies.....

Well here I am, still trying to figure this blogging stuff out. Most of it seems very easy but then there are a few quirks I just can't figure out. So I will need to outsource a fellow blogger. I hate that I am so limited, but hence I am!
Today is a great day. Today is the day my oldest sister Angie was born. I love and adore her. She has always been good to me and I have always been proud to call her my sister but then again I have always been proud of ALL my siblings, all 5. I do wish her the happiest of birthdays. Angie, I love you!
My girls have 2 days left of school and then it's over for the summer. This is a significant ending of a year because it could possibly be their last. It is possible they may never participate in a public school again until college. They are excited about summer and they are excited about home schooling. I too am excited and nervous at the same time. I will pray daily that God will give me the wisdom, energy, and patience I need to teach my children what they need to know to succeed in this life. From Faith to academics.
As for the foster process, I have an orientation to attend tomorrow, then we have an Adoption class on Thursday (we decided to go ahead and complete the adoption requirements we had already started) and then a little bit of paperwork, a few household items (such as FIVE smoke detectors) and set up a home study and we will be ready. It happened very quickly which gives me encouragement it was Gods direction. You know, not matter how long you have walked with the Lord and how much faith you have sometimes you still need affirmation in regards to His direction for your life. At least I do.
So, on to working out this blogging stuff.
May the Lord Bless and Keep you.


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