In the beginning....

So it begins, and maybe ends. I have decided to give this world of blogging a try. Why? Maybe, just maybe I might have something to offer others. Be it humor, wisdom, insight, prayer...who knows.

I have been a mom since 1983 and still have 3 at home. Life is NEVER boring (though don't ask my kids that question). I gave up my 'career' in September 06 to become a stay at home mom. Have not regretted it one bit. Now comes a new adventure. My husband and I have made two huge decisions, one is to home school two of our children and the second is to become foster parents and possibly adopt....hence the blog. I thought it would be a good outlet for journeling the joys and the challenges.

You will find with me, I do not (will not) take precious time to edit my writings for grammatically correct entries. Takes too much time and thought. I may even have a typo or two. So I will say now, 'please forgive me and forgive my lack of attentiveness to detail.'

I pray something I have experienced and choose to share may be a blessing to someone. I covet your prayers and your insights as well. I would even appreciate kind and supportive comments and words of wisdom.

It is nice to meet you, now it's time for me to go and try to figure out this blogging stuff.

'Father, daily guide me and lead me by your grace, mercy, and love.'
Postscript: I do not endorse ALL the below video clips.


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