A New Year?

Really? Can it really be 2011? Seems so crazy. I for one was ready for a new year though and so were many of my family members. 2010 wasn't an easy one for many, so glad to see it go.
With this year I don't have any resolutions...mainly just a desire to increase my bible study time and to truly and fully live in the love and direction of Jesus. Wanting, desiring to truly be more like him. I want to be one who fully lives by faith. I will find victory in when the difficult times come, when I feel the life which I lead is crumbling, I can stand firm in peace knowing that God has it in total control. That if anything which appears to be 'bad' is happening to me or my family, I will know and understand that God has a plan. I want to let go of this flesh that gets angry, and sad, and depressed when the trials hit. I want to be like 'Joseph' in the bible and know that I am where God wants me be GOD has a better plan and purpose and is fulfilling that plan and purpose. THAT is my desire for 2011 and forever.
I am blessed with a husband who loves his family, who has a job, who wants and appreciates a wife who stays home. I am blessed with 6 fantastic kids who are healthy, and spunky, and beautiful. With all that....I have already started out the new year amazingly!


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